We are a coral aquaculture with a focus on sustainability and long term coral care and health. Everything we sell has been grown here for over a year, and many corals wait until the 2 year mark unless they were previously aquacultured and are particularly healthy and prolific. While this limits our selection it also means that the corals available here are well adapted to aquarium life and thriving. Many times this results in larger polyps, faster growth, and indefinite life span. 


We use example pictures from our farm to showcase coral and while you won't see many WYSIWYG listings here you shouldn't let that turn you away. The corals here are not an item on a shelf to be sold, our "inventory" is a growing reef environment full of life that is constantly changing. This way you can view more of our collection at any time with no rush for us to update our listings. While we do not import or bring in any corals to cut up and resell, many of the corals we have in grow out and available we try to keep multiple of in various sizes and stages of healing/growing. This allows us to choose a thriving appropriate sized coral to rehome each time. Most of our listings include a polyp count or size stating the bare minimum that we feel justifies rehoming that particular coral, more often than not there will be more growth on the coral we choose to ship, it just depends on the unique characteristics of each coral.

All of that said we do offer the WYISWYG experience for those that desire it, you just have to contact us letting us know which corals you are interested in and we will build a custom package for you. 
We encourage you to reach out and use this method to see what deal we have to offer on your selection. Its as simple as building a cart, and using the contact form to let us know you would like some photos.